QT Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks – Arc Titles

I’m reading raws of various QT series concurrently so I keep a list of the arc titles just in case I get confused which story or world is from which series. Just thought it might be helpful to share it.

Don’t read this if you’re not prepared for spoilers! For those who only want to read selected arcs in the raws, hope this helps you locate arcs that may pique your interest. I’ve added some tags too.

Just note that my translation may differ from the translator of the series. Also, these arcs only consist of the worlds MC go to for missions and doesn’t include the intermissions or parts when she’s not in mission.

= arcs I recommend.
✿ = arcs I find memorable. Sometimes it may be ‘memorable’ in a bad way.

ancient = the period with royals, dynasties
olden = more modern than ancient, less modern than modern

Spoiler Table of Contents  |  Recurrent Characters

1. Campus Cultivation Crisis
modern, student
—Uncle/Tai Shu’s 1st appearance

2. The General Loves a Village Girl
ancient, emperor’s younger sister
—Li Wen & Little Mouse’s 1st appearance

3. CEO’s Wife

4. Looking for the Last BOSS
zombie apocalypse
—Uncle/Tai Shu’s re-appearance

5. Tormented Female MC Can’t Be Hurt ✿
ancient, preemptively getting rid of an unwanted and abusive reverse harem

6. Campus Spirit Fright
modern, supernatural, student

7. The Empress’ Hatred
ancient, ML is her husband the emperor and FL is a modern person who transmigrated into a fox’s body

8. Invincible Upgrade Stream
xianxia, male host body
—Kelp/Qing Yue’s 1st appearance

9. Gold Lord’s Lingering Love
modern, entertainment industry

10. Farming Well In a Primitive Society ✿
—Li Wen & Little Mouse’s re-appearance

11. I Am An NPC
game, NPC

12. You Are My God
ancient, husband in mutual love with the girl their son fancies, age gap

13. Drown in Bone-Deep Pampering
modern, male host body, CEO doesn’t want to be controlled by the plot

14. That Phoenix Man
modern, humble man soars with help from host and her family but dumps her after using her
—Zhang Jiasen’s 1st appearance
T/N: Read about the term ‘Phoenix Man’ here.

15. My Master Can’t Be So Sick
ancient, loyal death warrior of an infatuated and possessive prince

16. Stockholm Syndrome
modern, male host body, childhood friend of the FL in an abusive relationship with the overbearing CEO

17. Carefree Matriarchal Country
ancient, female emperor has succession problems, one of her daughters is a modern transmigrator
—Zhang Jiasen’s re-appearance

18. Child-Raising Wife
olden, war, single parent raising a child, medic

19. Fourth Prince’s Backyard
ancient, servant of a woman in the future emperor’s backyard
—Uncle/Tai Shu’s re-appearance

20. Surrogate Mom
modern, husband cheats on her with the surrogate mother and his parents close their eyes to it

21. Into Master’s Bowl
xianxia, future of the world in Arc 8
—Kelp/Qing Yue’s re-appearance

22. An Honest Man
modern, host’s honest and filial son was tricked by a lying woman wanting to leech off him

23. Ghostly Romance
modern, supernatural, host is a Maoshan disciple (kinda like exorcist), Millennium Ghost King ML wrecking havoc around FL and FL lets him

24. Hello, Uncle
modern, CEO, host’s idiotic Mary Sue daughter in love with her bad boy ‘uncle’

25. Superstar System
modern, ML has a system similar to Zhang Ye’s in I’m Really a Superstar

26. Who’s the Murderer ☆☆☆
modern, thriller, mystery, club members go to a remote area and end up dying one by one
—Pan Chen’s 1st appearance
—Mei Ziqing’s 1st appearance in a mission world
—Zhang Jiasen & Uncle/Tai Shu’s re-appearance

27. Reborn Farmer Girl
ancient/olden, jealous reborn girl tried to snatch what was host’s husband in her original life

28. Killer Consort ✿
ancient, snatch body back from a modern queen of killers who transmigrated into host’s body

29. Daughter-in-Law

30. Campus World
modern, poor girl enters school for the rich and powerful and gets bullied by 3 young masters, failed mission

31. Pampered Consort System
ancient, empress, goes against a consort who has a system

32. Summoner Queen
fantasy, student, host with a “useless” summon wants to step out of her ‘friend’ FL’s shadow
—Little Grass’ 1st appearance

33. Fiancée

34. Female Merchant ☆☆
ancient, supernatural, suspense, the unprepossessing daughter of a late merchant has 3 very eligible husband candidates with motives of their own
—Jiang Chen’s 1st appearance

35. Boyfriend Is Bent
modern, BL, host’s ordinary-looking boyfriend has a harem of 3 guys

36. Demon Practitioner Girl
xianxia, younger sister of the head of demon practitioners
—Hui Ji’s 1st appearance

37. Poisonous Female Bestie
modern, best friend doesn’t want to be tied down by marriage but doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend either so very ‘generously’ ‘gives’ her boyfriend to host to marry, host only found out after marriage

38. Arctic Fox
xianxia, fox with human form, fox host was saved by a troubled little human boy and wants to repay him

39. Marriage With the Dead
ancient, supernatural, sold to be the bride of a deceased

40. Push Down System
modern, good-for-nothing neighbour gains a system that rewards him for pushing down (capturing) girls and his first target is the host

41. Galactic ☆✿
futuristic, sci-fi, fantasy, escape her birth planet (that’s used as a rubbish dump by the galaxy) with her younger brother
Little Grass’ re-appearance

42. Reborn Di Daughter

43. Paranoia ☆☆☆☆✿✿✿
modern, mystery, suspense, suspects her perfect and loving husband killed her but has no evidence

44. Vampire
modern/olden, fantasy, action, the vampire hunter partner of FL who is drawn towards a vampire aristocrat

45. Chaotic World
fantasy, a world full of transmigrators with special powers, said transmigrators have no human rights and are turned into slaves
—Perfume Man/An He’s 1st appearance
—Sang Liang’s 1st appearance in a mission world
—Uncle/Tai Shu’s re-appearance

46. Tycoon Sisters

47. Campus World
modern, student, same world and timeline as Arc 30

48. Mythical Beast’s Struggle
ancient, xianxia, peacock with human form, male host body, doesn’t want to be controlled by FL’s master-servant contract

49. Abused Girl
modern, village girl faces social pressure after getting r*ped

50. Adventure Game ☆☆☆✿✿
modern, thriller, suspense, mystery, isolated island, a bit of Hunger Games vibes at first

51. Montrosity World War 
modern, action, sci-fi?, white-collar worker, mutated spe*m monster multiplies and terrorises women
—Zhou Han’s 1st appearance

52. Dimension Trading
ancient, host’s fiancé likes a modern transmigrator with a system that allows her to have modern firearms in the ancient era

53. I Am Loyal to You ✿
fantasy, a world where weapons have human forms and can have contracts with humans
—Mei Ziqing’s re-appearance

54. Crushed Crystal Shoes
modern, victim of domestic violence, has 2 daughters

55. Monster’s Record
modern, fantasy, male host body, an ordinary mountain eagle (with human form) saves and shelters the pregnant human FL whose unborn snake!babies attract monsters, but neither she nor the babies are exactly grateful and calamity strikes when the snake king ML returns

56. Military Marriage Combusts
modern, soldier whose respected and capable superior loses his wits after falling in love with FL

57. Diva Diva
modern, entertainment industry, actress harmed by jealous FL who got reborn with a system

58. Martial Aunt
xianxia, elder of a sect

59. Owner ☆
modern, golden retriever, a blind man’s guide dog, sweet

60. Medusa ✿
fantasy, Greek mythology

61. The Most Pampered of the Harem
ancient, empress, emperor favours another consort

62. Ghosts Everywhere ✿
modern, supernatural, thriller, mystery, loop

63. Swordfighting Across the Lands
xianxia/wuxia, male host body, future leader of a top righteous sect, his fiancée is ‘torn’ between him and the evil sect leader

64. X-Ray Vision ✿
modern, ML is a harem-seeking pervert with X-Ray Vision
—Mo Ming’s 1st appearance

65. Evil Spirit
ancient, xianxia, beautiful peach tree demon falls in love with a scholar but he uses her, future of the world in Arc 36
—Hui Ji’s re-appearance

66. Ascend the Imperial Throne
ancient, martial waste princess in a matriarchal country

67. End of the World
zombie apocalypse, male host body, researcher of the zombie virus, BL

68. Wang Baochuan’s Father
ancient, male host body, father of 3 daughters, based off a legend

69. The Pale Moonlight President
modern, future husband falls in love with the woman who injured host in a car accident (host got killed originally)

70. Records of Polishing a Bright Ruler
ancient, male host body, a puppet emperor has at least one rebirth and two transmigrators with systems in his harem

71. Flowering Period ✿
modern, molestation, pedophile, sexual education, we finally have someone describe to us how MC looks like

72. Every Man In the World Likes Me
Chinese fantasy, divine realm, weed that grew up beside the peony FL whom few men (including taskers) can resist, both have human forms

73. Able Woman
modern, workaholic lawyer whose forensic doctor husband tires of her and gets together with his assistant

74. System Task
ancient, husband enamoured with a transmigrated guy-in-a-girl’s-body

75. Overwhelming Madhouse
modern, disobedient or unruly children sent to an inhumane reform school

76. Skyrocket
ancient, 1st wife, husband is a modern transmigrator who goes from having nothing to having everything

77. Comeback
modern/futuristic, game, reborn girl tries to grab the chubby host’s loving game god husband in the previous life

78. Alchemist
fantasy, skeleton raised by a genius alchemist+necromancer in a period where necromancers are frowned upon

79. Pot-Carrying Hero
olden, future of the world in Arc 34, ‘uneducated’ host’s ‘intellectual’ *eyeroll* husband and ‘educated’ *major eyeroll* daughter abandons her for a more ‘learned’ lady, war
—Jiang Chen’s re-appearance

80. Development Plan
ancient, brother-in-law married host to use her as replacement for her deceased older sister

81. Entangled with Ghosts
modern, supernatural, Fu Jun’s 1st appearance in a mission world

82. Supreme Entertainment
modern, celebrity whose daughter got kidnapped

83. Indecent World
futuristic, ABO, male host body, host is a beta who has a highly sought-after omega younger brother

84. Mermaid ✿
fantasy, dark fairytales, The Little Mermaid
—former 2333/Zheng Qing’s 1st appearance in a mission world

85. Older Male Cousin and Younger Female Cousin
ancient, orphaned host (younger female cousin) sort of fed by older male cousin’s family, older male cousin likes 3rd prince’s wife

86. Acting on Behalf of the Heavens
modern, r*ped by stepfather and stabbed by biological father who found it shameful

87. Special Task
olden/modern, supernatural, suspense, getting rid of a murderous spirit who suffered injustice in life
—Xia Mengtao’s 1st appearance

88. (no arc title)
xianxia, support mission, kidnap a modern transmigrator who’s chased and wanted by male cultivators ‘cos she has value as a furnace/cauldron

89. Task
modern, student kidnapped, imprisoned and r*ped by the school bus driver, pregnancy

90. Fortune Master*
modern, prodigal rich 2nd gen gets caught up with the ML Fortune Master because of his unwilling fiancée
*T/N: I tried researching on this, to no avail. Unless I missed out something or it’s some obscure occupation, it should be an occupation the author invented. The literal translation makes no sense so I took liberties with this.

91. Sasaeng Fan*
modern, entertainment industry, 2nd-rate celebrity wants to be rid of her stalker fan
*T/N: A Korean term, referring to an over-obsessive fan

92. Lovely Wife Costing 100 Billion 
modern to pandemic+environmental apocalypse, plane evolution task, MC’s own (soul) body but male version

93. New Bride to Counter Bad Luck
olden, mother of 3 bros in love with the same girl who ‘can’t’ pick 1 out of the 3

94. (no arc title)
modern, male host body, indecisive fiancée meets first love after many years and eventually leaves him for first love after wasting everyone’s time

95. Mage
fantasy, magic, school life, talented water mage gets slandered when her magic-less cousin comes into the picture because people pity the weak and want to step on the strong

96. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
modern, married woman with kids, not providing support to her maiden family = unfilial, providing (too much) support to her maiden family = husband wants to divorce her

97. Foolish Girl
modern, host lacks self-confidence and beauty, infatuated with school hunk

98. Seize
supernatural, host died losing her body to a spider fiend (which she unwittingly released from a book) and her body to that fiend’s mother, fake host body

99. Abandon
modern, mother-in-law throws away host’s newborn baby girl ’cause she’s not a grandson

100. (no arc title) ☆✿ 
modern, gloomy orphaned nephew displeased with host’s family that took him in, he originally released a deadly virus by accident and destroyed its cure on purpose before suiciding

101. (no arc title) ✿ 
modern, supernatural, suspense, murder mystery on a cruise, survival

102. (no arc title) ☆☆✿ ✿ ✿ 
modern, normal girl deceived by a member of a date scam group

103. C’mon, Capture Me
xianxia, beautiful cultivation genius, players are to raise host’s affection and receive gifts from her in turn, endgame would be giving away her heavenly root

Spoiler Table of Contents  |  Recurrent Characters

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      I couldn’t wait anymore so I went to read the raws… no regrets!

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