QT Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character – Synopsis + Arc Titles

I’m not sure whether this is being translated already. (At least I couldn’t find it in a short 5-10 minutes search.) Anyway for those who read raws of QT series or MTL such raws, I recommend this to be added in your read list.

Don’t read this if you’re not prepared for spoilers! For those who only want to read selected arcs, hope this helps to locate arcs that may pique your interest. Stuff in brackets are tags I added.

 = arcs I recommend.
✿ = arcs I find memorable. Sometimes it may be ‘memorable’ in a bad way.

Spoiler Table of Contents



Quick Transmigrating Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character 快穿炮灰女配 by BengongSlightlyFat 本宫微胖
2097 chapters + 12 extra chapters, completed.
< romance, bittersweet, some tragedy, somewhat dark, josei, female protagonist, protagonist gets stronger, hardworking & determined protagonist, open-ish ending, multiple love interests, love interests are special (and hilarious) in their own ways, episodic, different worlds, cause and effect, some comedy, suspense, ***R18*** but you can skip those and concentrate on each world’s plot >


In every novel with a female protagonist’s halo, Mingge is the female supporting character with the most tragic ending.nakimushitl.wordpress.com

To be killed off, not only does she have to change the female supporting characters’ fates, she also has to abduct the hidden BOSSes who have towering amounts of Luck Aura.


  1. Entertainment Circle’s Female Supporting Character
  2. Xianxia Furnace
  3. Empress’ Hatred
  4. CEO’s Woman ✿ (future of arc 1)
  5. Into the Apocalypse
  6. Xianxia Little Demon ✿
  7. Di Daughter of a Wealthy Family
  8. Campus First Love
  9. Harem’s Pampered Consort ✿
  10. Jiangshi Development
  11. Phoenix Man
  12. Female Secret Agent’s Younger Sister
  13. Black Cat and White Tiger
  14. Campus Close Sisters ✿✿
  15. Little Mountain Village Maiden
  16. A Piece of Golden Robe
  17. Girlfriend Training ✿
  18. There’s a Ghost on the Bridge of Helplessness ✿
  19. Charming Prince’s Abandoned Wife (male host body)
  20. Road of a Counterattack System
  21. Encountering a Scum
  22. Man in a Female-Dominant World (male host body)
  23. The Young Girl in the Nunnery, I’m Your Younger Sister
  24. Merman Smoochie 
  25. The Great Witch
  26. Princess Zhaoge
  27. I am a Blade of Grass ☆✿
  28. Uncle’s Sweetheart Pampered Wife
  29. Film Emperor’s Death ☆☆✿✿✿
  30. Age of Beastmen
  31. Bed Partner Maiden
  32. Bridesmaids’ Grand Battle
  33. Little Beast in Xianxia
  34. Otakus’ Goddess
  35. Borrowed Car Crisis
  36. The Frog Prince
  37. Ghost Wife Enchantress (future of arc 29)
  38. In Search of Gentleman
  39. I am the Supreme Big Sister (future of arc 13)
  40. The Nan Xiangzhi Who Needs His Three Views Re-established
  41. Esteemed Instructor’s Love
  42. Palace Person Promotional Handbook
  43. This is a Tragic Story
  44. Waiting for You ☆☆☆✿✿
  45. There Was Once A Little Fox
  46. Running the Train With No Warning
  47. Divine Doctor Wild Consort
  48. Inning Within Inning
  49. Please Don’t Tease Me (male host body, BL)
  50. The Butcher Family’s Little Maiden
  51. Eloping Fiancée
  52. Man Attracts the World
  53. Former Boyfriends Are All Big Stars
  54. Blood Rose
  55. Female King’s Private Pampering
  56. Campus Little White Flower
  57. Last Woman on Earth
  58. Lovely Substitute Wife Runs Away With the Ball
  59. Teacher, Let Us Love Each Other
  60. Great God Over There, Scram You Palsy ✿
  61. Yes, I am the Great CEO ☆
  62. I Am Your Who Who Who
  63. Ruler’s Woman
  64. Autistic Male Supporting Character
  65. Disciple Who Pitted His Master ☆
  66. Pure and Pretty Live Broadcaster Little Beauty
  67. Hey that Yandere, Come Over Here Let’s Talk About Life
  68. My Name Is Wang Baochuan
  69. Weapon Weapon ✿ (male host, host’s body is a certain male organ…)
  70. The Reveal



  1. Two or Three Things About Mingge and Her Men
  2. The World of Buddha’s Light
  3. Bridge of Helplessness
  4. I Have a Secret ☆☆✿✿
  5. Begin from Catching Dolls

Spoiler Table of Contents

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