Renai Kakumei Onii-chan

Renai Kakumei Onii-chan – Doggy In Puberty Chapter 2

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Doggy In Puberty Soutarou-kun’s Jealousy・Second Half ~SoutarouxMakoto←First Term~

Translator: nakimushitl
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 I was led to Soutarou’s house. Apparently Soutarou’s family that can read the atmosphere as usual had departed as a household for the memorial service at their parental home. Soutarou’s house sitting because he’s club activities, I heard from him at school before he became like this.

 Soutarou’s seizing my arm, pulling me to the room silently. Although it’s Soutarou’s room that I’ve grown accustomed to, it’s as though it’s an unknown room because his atmosphere is different from usual. Even the smell of Soutarou that I love is only scary to me now. Soutarou’s back faces me as he remains silent. I want him to say something but I don’t want him to say anything.

 I like Soutarou. I only like Soutarou so, why doesn’t it go well?

 I’ve to put in more, more effort have him understand. Although I’ve to properly convey that I like Soutarou, my lips are unable to spin words, merely opening and closing.

“So, … Souta…”read at the translator’s site

 The one most surprised at my too-dry voice is me. My throat is dry. Not just my throat, my heart and everything is dry. Yet overflowing tears collect in my eyes at a single blink.

 At the same time I stretch a hand to Soutarou’s back, he turns powerfully. The hand I stretched to touch Soutarou’s back is seized so strongly that it’s painful. He throws me onto the bed in that manner.

 At the same time I’m surprised by the bounce of the bed’s spring, various feelings overflow in one go and is about to cause a panic. Perhaps this time I’m really, going to be introduced to the society atop the bed.

 The Soutarou who’s straddling my waist has a fiendish face like he killed someone. Although Soutarou was called angel or doggy, there’s zero of such atmosphere now. His kind drooping eyes are glazed and pregnant with despise, and the corners of his mouth are lower than ever before. On the other side although I, wasn’t told anything, or had anything done to me, my body is quaking.

 But I truly have nothing to be guilty about.

“Soutarou, listen. I truly”

“Oh, really. I see.”

“Listen I say! I, truly had nothing with Ichigo-chan!”

 A voice so cold you won’t think it’s Soutarou’s.

 The honey like sweet voice that always resounds in my ears is, uninhabited by any color now.

“Nothing? Then what’s this. There’s nothing when you had this put on you?”

 My white uniform shirt is torn. Continuing from the 1st button Ichigo-chan sent flying, I see the 2nd button flying. Tracing the red mark of blood congestion, he scratches it lightly. I move my body in pain but Soutarou doesn’t allow that.

“Hurts! Hurts…”

“Don’t make me laugh. Then if I’ve the same thing put on here, will Makoto say it’s nothing, I’m not cheating and forgive me? If I talk to a girl in a distance we can kiss, will Makoto not feel jealous?”

 I imagine with my small head.

 Soutarou laughing together with a girl in a distance they can kiss. He’s a kiss mark put on his neck. Saying “I’d nothing with that girl. Believe me.” At that time, can I laugh calmly?

“… lous, … obvious… ly”

“Say it properly, Makoto.”

“That, … obviously I’ll be jealous.”

 Soutarou’s finger brushes my lips.


 It’s a nasty question but, happy that Soutarou’s voice is much gentler than some time ago, I moderately pull on his clothes.

“I li… ke Soutarou, that’s… why.”

“Right. The one Makoto likes is me, right. Why did you have this put on you then? Makoto should know that Kaburagi likes you, right? Why were you two at a dark place? You should know you’ll be assaulted, right?”

“The one who wants to do something to me, is probably only Soutarou…”

 Although I know that Ichigo-chan likes me, by no means I thought that he’d forcibly do something at such a place.

 Seizing the chin of me who was trying to turn my gaze away, Soutarou forcibly kisses me. Seeking for air because of the suffocation, what entered the lips I slightly open is the tip of his tongue. My head can’t follow the slippery and fleshy feeling. The panic that calmed down lifts its head again at my first deep kiss.

 Not knowing where to put my hands, I try seizing the futon but, there’s a lonely and unable to calm down feeling somewhere.

 The moment Soutarou’s hand touches my hand, my lips part while I’m still bewildered. The warm something goes along on my cheek and slips off my chin. I’m crying.

“Stop, Soutarou… it’s serious scary…!”

 My necktie was removed and my shirt torn. Because of Ichigo-chan and Soutarou, the 1st, 2nd buttons were already taken off, this shirt is unable to be worn.

“Stop I say! Really, enough already! Something like this, … Soutarou won’t do something like this… Soutarou absolutely doesn’t do things I don’t like….”

 You may laugh that I’m effeminate.

 I cried. The overflowing tears from me exceeding the capacity of my limits are, going along my cheeks and soaking into the futon. It’s delicate to cry from just something like this. I’m like a girl. No I’m a girl!

 My strength doesn’t match his but it’s not my intention to be raped as it is. The result of my confusion over what to do is this. Embarrassed, I lose the strength to even think.

“Makoto’s too negligent. There are actually a few people who think Makoto’s charming. Although I don’t like to see Mako cry or dislike things, there may be people who thinks even this crying figure is cute. However, Mako can’t resist at all when you’re suppressed forcibly. In that case you’ve to be more vigilant, properly and more”


“The only one who can touch up to Makoto’s deepest place… is me, right.”

 I didn’t plan to make Soutarou anxious. I planned to properly show that I like Soutarou. Although I didn’t want to make Soutarou sad like this, he’s this wounded. 

“I… from the time I was a girl I wasn’t popular, of course I didn’t have a lover and I never had confidence particularly in the area of love. That’s why I wasn’t able to believe when Soutarou and the rest said you love me and, even now the unbelievable feeling is strong. I’d think that the thinking itself that I’m being seen in that way is arrogance.”

 For 16 years I never had confidence particularly in the area of love, I still don’t have confidence now.

 It’s an unbelievable thing that someone holds good will for me in that way, I also can’t believe that I’ll be kissed or kabedoned. I might be assaulted, I might be forcibly kissed, I’ve to be vigilant, I’ll have the feeling that I’m being excessively conscious.

 That believing in someone’s good will is something that needs courage, I properly understand. That’s why I become

“However I like Soutarou a lot so, … well, I didn’t plan to make you sad. Sorry…”

 I thought that love or romance is, a cheerful and exciting shoujo manga like thing that’s fun and happy at any time. However it wasn’t like that. Of course there’s a mountain mass of fun and happy things that I can’t savor alone. However there’s a lot of things that make me anxious and, although, I know that’s happiness too, I don’t know what to do.

 Not knowing what to do, there are times I wound Soutarou at unplanned places. However I don’t want to say good-bye over those so, I’ve to properly convey my feelings.

“… Un. I’m the sorry one for doing something cruel, although I clearly know that Mako won’t cheat…”

 As though it was a lie, the absolutely zero degree despising gaze becomes gentle.

 I’m sincerely relieved he returned to the usual thrown away doggy Soutarou. No matter how many times I look, I can’t believe that the Soutarou showing those despising eyes is the same person as the thrown away doggy now.

 Soutarou places his lips on the red mark put by Ichigo-chan. He bites there strongly, my waist bends at the pain unconsciously.

“Don’t put it on a conspicuous place. It’ll be seen when I change.”

“Nー, Mako can put it on me too…”

“That’s not the problem. I really can’t get through to you!”

 As I thought, when I look at the mirror the next day, a bitten trace is distinctly and clearly put on my neck.

 It can barely be hidden with my uniform shirt but it may be seen when I change so, I hide it with a plaster. Having that put on me I may be teased by Kaname or, I may be sniggered at by Subaru, it’s extremely troubling. However, the area around my chest feels very itchy and although it’s embarrassing there’s happiness too.

 No it’s troubling though? It’s just that it’s troubling but doesn’t feel bad. I’m angry to have something like this put on me.

“Good morning, Mako-chan. You seem somehow happy today.”

“Good morning. Mitsuki’s cute today too.”

“Geezー! Mako-chan really, you only say things like that so the Sakurai siblings are teased as the bakaple you know?”

 The Sakurai siblings couple theory is whispered among the Izumino School’s 2nd year students as plausible. It’s rumored by everyone and spreading more than my coupling with Soutarou which is a matter of course, and the coupling of Mitsuki and Takayanagi. However Mitsuki is transcending cute so I’m completely fine that she’s rumored as my girlfriend.

 However I broke into a smile huh. Like an idiot. To think I’ll become happy from something like this.

“Mako! Let’s go to school together~”

 Having a smile so wide I can almost hear his woof woof cries and emitting mysterious glitters in his background, Soutarou approaches in a half run. 

 The glitter is so much that my eyes are almost crushed relentlessly in this sleepy morning. As expected of an otome game character. He’s always carrying a background suitable for CG.

 As such, the lovers’ quarrel of Soutarou and I converged. I learned that Soutarou is transcending scary when angered. “I’m glad I’m glad” I’m relieved that we were able to safely reconcile, and didn’t realize the things that come after at all.

 However Soutarou’s the panda type boy that’s fashionable now. The herbivorous type that eats only bamboo grass you know? He won’t assault even when you sleep together so you can hug him you know? While having that type of face, he’s actually a bear. He’d eat meat too. Unexpectedly fierce.

“Ah, Ichigo-chan. Good morning.”

 From the station’s stairs, I see the Ichigo-chan walking to the ticket gate.

“Ou, Makoto. … Ah… with the watchdog huh…”

“Eh, un.”read at the translator’s site

 Seeing the face of the grinning Soutarou behind me, a cramped smile floats up on Ichigo-chan’s face for some reason. He’d usually be more sticky towards me.

“Well, call out to me when the watchdog isn’t here. We can’t flirt when this guy is here.”

 After brushing my head a number of times, Ichigo-chan passes the ticket gate ahead of us.

“Wasn’t Ichigo-chan weird somehow?”

“Really? He’s the usual.”

 Grin grin grin grin, a lovely smile is on his face. A smile so good it’s suspicious.

 I’m confident after looking at this smile. That, Soutarou did something to Ichigo-chan. 

“Soutarou, sure enough, you’re transcending two-faced.”


 For a little while after that, the reason for the cramped smile that would float up on Ichigo-chan’s face whenever he faces Soutarou, is probably because of this…

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