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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 17

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Various Anecdotes After the Main Story
Chapter 17 – Yuusei Is Invited to a Snowball Fight

Yuusei’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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『Alright. Everyone, let’s have a snowball fight!』

 It’s the usual chilly, winter morning.
A message suddenly reaches my smartphone.

『We’re doing it today?』
『Yep yep. The snow’s going to melt so, immediatelyー』

 The group chat with the usual members registered.
Even if I don’t reply, the conversation advances on its own.
No, rather, Chako’s advancing the conversation on his own.
Naba conscientiously messages back to that, and the arbitrary proposal changes into something thorough.

『Then each of you, gather at Director’s house around 10. You lose by default if you don’t come alright.』
『… Got it.』Translator: nakimushitl

 As though stirred up by Chako’s message, the Kousuke who didn’t reply until now, decides to participate.
… Kousuke has a different look in his eyes when it comes to competitions.

 Gazing at the back and forth that advances on its own as usual, I lightly stretch above my bed.
When I look at the window from the bed, light leaks from the gap of the shade curtain.

 The time indicated on the smartphone is 9 forenoon.
We’re on break from school today so, I was care freely indulging in indolence.
Honestly, my head is still heavy.
It’s probably because I was doing onmyouji work, yesterday.
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『I’ll bring Tomotaka-sama too. Let’s divide into onmyouji and phantom teams and have a showdown.』
『Eh, I’m not with Chako?』
『Don’t worry, Yui-chan. I’ll properly not hold back and defeat Yui-chan!』
『… I won’t lose.』Translator: nakimushitl

 As Kousuke doesn’t send messages much, it’s already the state of Chako and Naba, the two of them going back and forth.
As I look at their back and forth, I can distinctly imagine the two beyond the screen.
Chako’s surely laughing “hihihi” mischievously, Naba’s making a fist with her right hand, hardening her resolve on her own.
… Maybe I don’t have to go.

 I want to sleep a little more.
In the first place, gathering at 10, for having a snowball fight. That’s foolish.
Everyone will noisily enjoy themselves even if I don’t go and, there’s no need to expressly play outside on such a cold day.
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 That’s why,『I’ll refrain』I tap the screen to send that message.
However, a message from Chako and Naba reaches just at that time.

『It’s obvious but Yuusei-chan is on the onmyouji team okayー』
『Let’s work hard, Yuusei-kun!』

 … Oi, I didn’t say that I’ll go.

 Apparently I who hasn’t sent a message, is already in the headcount and the teams were divided like it’s natural.
And, an alpaca stamp whose eyes became flames reaches me from the Naba who became motivated.
Naba seems to have recently, taken a liking to alpaca stamps.
Although it’s an ordinary conversation, the corners of my mouth rise on their own.

 The warm bedroom where the heating is in effect.
The room with the shade curtain shut is still dim, it’s perfect for going back to sleep.
However――.Translator: nakimushitlTranslator: nakimushitl

『I’m strong y’know.』

 Tapping the smartphone screen, I send a message.
Then, turning over the comfortable blanket and comforter, I raise my body vigorously.
To be in time for 10, I must hurry a little.
Quickly taking off the jersey and parka I used instead of pyjamas, I take clothes out from the closet.

『Someone like Yuusei-chan would be sodden in snow in no time!』[Chako]
『Right! Is there a change of clothes?』[Yui]
『NnーDirector will dry it for us. I can also make clothes with miasma.』
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 Finish changing my clothes, I look at my smartphone, they’re going back and forth as usual.
Seeing that, the corners of my mouth rise again on their own.

 … To think I can wear clothes of miasma, that’s peerless.

 I was so sleepy but, my chest itches at the event coming up now.

 ――Such a me is a peerless simpleton.

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