(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 15

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Various Anecdotes After the Main Story
Chapter 15 – The Daily Lives of Three Schoolmates Hanging Out

Yuusei’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 Chako suddenly, said that we should do something fun.

“Hey hey, y’know today, is the day DVD rental is at half fare, let’s rent and watch together.”
“Ah? But, it’s already evening, we probably can’t watch that many.”

 The sun has gone down a long time ago, there’s probably about 2 or 3 hours we can spend playing.
However, Chako isn’t discouraged by my plausible retort, and laughs “Hihihi”.

“You can stay over. I’ll inform Tomotaka-sama.”
“Kamo-senpai’s house.”

 Kousuke’s face shines, at Chako’s easygoing proposal.
… You, how much do you like Kamo.

“Isn’t it too abrupt? Besides, Kamo seems to dislike people stepping into his private space.”
“… That’s right. I don’t want to trouble him.”
“No no, you two don’t get it. Tomotaka-sama, you see, likes rowdiness even though he looks like that. If I say that everyone’s staying over, he’ll pretend to be cold and say『Is that so』, while celebrating in his heart.”
“… I doubt it.”Translator: nakimushitl

 Ever since he’s not a familiar, Chako treats Kamo with natural ease too.
Honestly, the Kamo Chako is talking about and the Kamo I know have too tremendous a gap, I can’t understand at all.

“Well forget the small stuff. Go, call your house. You can go and get your change of clothes but, I can also make them for you.”
“Chako will make clothes?”
“Un. On the house.”

 At those words, I take out my smartphone, and hurriedly call my house.
To think that I can wear clothes made from miasma, I can’t let such a chance slip by.
While I’m calling, Kousuke seems to still be worried. His brows are furrowed.

“… But, it’ll probably trouble him as expected.”
“Fūn. Then Kousuke-chan doesn’t really have to come. I, Yuusei-chan and Tomotaka-sama will watch DVDs. Ah but you know how Yuusei-chan and I are, Tomotaka-sama might feel troubled. Well it’s okay right? Tomotaka-sama feeling troubled doesn’t trouble me.”

 For some reason Chako sticks his chest out with a “Fufun”, while saying such things.
Kousuke looks at him like that with furrowed brows but, as though he’s resigned, he sighs “Haa”.

“Got it. I’ll go too. I’ve to watch over you guys so you don’t trouble Kamo-senpai.”
“Un un. Do so, do so!”
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 Laughs Chako happily, as he watches Kousuke taking his smartphone out of his pocket like me.
This is the usual development.
Chako says something, I’ll hop on, and Kousuke gets embroiled in the end for the sake of surveillance.

 Calling my house, I was more or less scolded for being too abrupt but, I obtain the permission to stay over.
Kousuke, too, seems to have gotten it too somehow. Hearing our replies, Chako calls Kamo.
Normally you should tell Kamo first but, it can’t be helped that Chako is strange sometimes.

“Ah, Tomotaka-sama also said『Isn’t it too abrupt?』while laughing.”
“Is it really okay?”
“It is, it is! He’s probably grinning because it’s his first experience.”

 I unconsciously grin at the words of the Chako laughing “Hihihi”.

 First experience.
Me too.Translator: nakimushitl

 Until now, I’ve never stayed over at a friend’s house.
Somehow the happening that I thought was on the opposite side of a cruelly tall wall, fell onto me so easily too.
Moreover, I can wear clothes of miasma…

Translator: nakimushitl

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Thank you

 As such, we’ve to rent DVDs but, that wasn’t something typical like each of us renting something we like.
Saying a random number, and pulling lotteries, we chose DVDs with no discrimination.
As a result, mine is an incomprehensible B-grade zombie movie.
Chako’s the 5 to 8 episodes of a long anime, in other words something there’s no meaning in watching.

 But, well, it’s good if we can get a laugh from that.
However, the DVD Kousuke chose is…

“Hey hey, y’know, I think this is definitely in a shelf behind that sign curtain.”
“… Yeah.”
“This should be, a zone we can’t enter in a school uniform.”
“Aa.”Translator: nakimushitl

 The DVD Kousuke chose is in a shelf on that side which is casually separated, but strangely gives off a sense of presence.

“Let’s do it over, Chako.”
“Eh. It’s boring if you do things like these over. There’s a lot in that zone so, I’m very interested in what you choose.”
“But, we can’t enter.”

 The sign curtain that divides this side and that side.
Some distance from there at a place that won’t hinder others, us three guys have a meeting.

“Ah, why don’t you, call sensei, and have him rent it. It’s Kousuke-chan who chose it so, let it be a familial responsibility.” [Chako]
“… Impossible.” [Kousuke]
“… Un. I thought it was definitely impossible too, when I said it.” [Chako]
“Because the older Kuo is a『teacher』. It’s the end for him if he gets warned.” [Yuusei]
“Right.”Translator: nakimushitl

 In the first place Kousuke isn’t eager about DVD appreciation.
I have no means to go to that side.
It can’t be helped so, I thought we should choose again but, Chako laughs “Hihihi.”

“Then, I’ll go. I’ll change my form in the toilet for a bit, and randomly make a license. In that case, I can also make an adult card so, I can go to the zone there, and rent easily.”
“No, you shouldn’t.”

 Chako who tries to exhibit his ability as a phantom to its fullest.
Kousuke hurriedly stops him but, Chako easily ignores such a Kousuke, and puts to practice his words.
I wonder why, the Chako who disappears behind the sign curtain looks like a hero.

“Ah, Yuusei-kun. Kousuke-kun too. Have you two come to rent too?”

 As we stand at a place some distance from the sign curtain that divides this side from that side, I hear a voice I should definitely not hear, now.
When I reflexively turn quickly, the Kousuke next to me seems to have the same reaction.

“Eh, what’s wrong with you two?”

 She seems surprised by our excessive reaction, her pretty green eyes widen.

“… Naba.”
“… Shall we go there?”

We must depart from here.
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 Exchanging looks with Kousuke, I approach Naba to stand in her way.
I see Naba’s eyebrows slightly knitting at us.

“Something’s strange?”
“Ah, what did you rent, Naba? Let’s talk there for a minute.”
“Yeah. Tell us your recommendations.”

 Naba’s still looking at us suspiciously but, in the end, she walks with her back to the sign curtain as though she’s pressured.
This should be safe right? Perhaps it was wrong of me to feel relieved…
Abruptly, Naba turns towards the sign curtain.

“… Chako.”

 …Translator: nakimushitl

She probably saw Chako from the gap between Kousuke and I.
Chako’s appearance changed but, the thing he’s clad in is the same.
An onmyouji who looks closely can tell.
No, if it’s Naba, she can probably tell with only a glance.

 I feel like running away at the widened, pretty green eyes in front of me.
When turning while digesting the bitterness in my heart, there is Chako who hardened while holding a DVD in his right hand.

 … Female teacher?
At least, you should’ve concealed it while holding.

 Behind Kousuke and I, Naba is somewhat fidgety, hanging her head fixedly.
As she does so, Chako’s senses seem to have returned, he laughs brightly as though to erase everything.

“Yui-chan came to rent DVD too huh. We’re renting too.”
“… Un.”
“What did Yui-chan rent? Show me show me!”

 Laughing amiably, he approaches us.
… Amazing. Being able to show that attitude at such a time, that’s godly.
However, Naba still hasn’t raised her head…

Because in Chako’s right hand is the female teacher.

“Yes. Yuusei-chan insisted so I borrowed it.”

 Pon, he hands me the female teacher.
At that moment, I understand instantaneously.
That “Ah… this guy, is planning to sacrifice me.”
Then, at that moment, pain runs through my back which is whacked. 

“That hurts.”
“… Yuusei-kun. I,It’s not up to me to say but, things like this are, well, that, you know…!”

 … What do I know.

 Offered as the sacrifice by Chako, Naba’s immediately convinced that I did it…
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 Seeing such a me, Chako says, “Sorry” voicelessly, and holding the female teacher, returns it to the other side of the sign curtain.
Then, looking at the side, Kousuke is casually, trying to drive Naba far away.
Naba probably doesn’t want to remain here anymore too.
At Kousuke’s words, she greets “See you” and leaves to someplace.

“… Why did something like this happen.”

 Kousuke looks away, and mutters subduedly.
When I’m about to agree with a “I know right”, Chako returns and, “Ei!?” with his brows knitted.

“This is all, Kousuke-chan’s fault! Yuusei-chan and I were embroiled in the accident because of the DVD Kousuke-chan chose.”
“Now that you mention, that’s true.”

Somehow he interacted with Naba like he was the only one uninvolved but, in the first place it became like this because Kousuke chose a DVD from that side.

“He really is a fraud.”
“No, if you’re going to say that, Chako smoothly added a lie, and sacrificed Yuusei right?”
“Because I didn’t want to be the only victim in the accident I was embroiled in. Yuusei-chan, thank you so much. Thanks to Yuusei-chan’s usual conduct, Yui-chan believed it in 0.3 seconds.”
“That’s right. She didn’t doubt it at all.”

 My position in Naba’s heart is too low.

 However, the pain on my back too.
Doing stupid things, nuzzling the crime among us three too.

 Thinking what are we doing, I laugh “Haha” aloud.

 I didn’t know any of these.

 I’ve wanted it, always.
However, I thought it was impossible for me.
Now. It’s here as though it’s natural.

 ――And that’s truly, extremely fun.

Translator: nakimushitl

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